5 benefits of ID camps

1. Exposure

ID camps provide players an opportunity to play in front of college coaches that they may not have seen before. College coaches can't be in every place at once. Therefore, camps are a great way to play in front of multiple coaches who may not have had a chance to watch a player before. 

2. Build Personal Relationships with Coaches

I can't speak for all ID camps, but Elite 100 puts a real emphasis on small coach to player ratios. 10 players to 1 coach... at the maximum. This provides players to get personal feedback and build a relationship with each coach at the camp. This helps the players get to know the coach... and for the coach get to know the player. 

3. Experience Different Coaching Styles

The great thing about ID camps (especially Elite 100) is that there are multiple college coaches in attendance. This gives you an opportunity to experience different coaching styles and see what best fits you. Everyone has their own preferred coaching style and learning about each coach is an invaluable experience during the recruiting process. 

4. Recruiting Advice and Tips from College Coaches

Each camp has a 20-30 minute talk put on by the college coaches. They sit and speak with players regarding the recruiting process and answer any questions. Finally, the coaches give advice and tips of what to do & what not to do during the recruiting process. 

5. FUN

It may sound cheesey, but don't ever forget why you are playing the game. Soccer is a fun game and camps are a great way to play the game you love. 


Elite 100

Check out our upcoming camps! Elite 100 provides players an opportunity to work with multiple college coaches and showcase their talents. The training groups are 10:1 ratio so each player will get individualized feedback. Finally, the 11v11 matches are a great way to showcase your talent and take control of your recruiting process. 

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