Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend camp?

Elite 100 Camps are open to high school aged student athletes of all skill levels.

Will I receive an evaluation? 

Yes, each camper will receive an evaluation from one of the college coaches instructing camp.

Is this a tryout?

No, camps are not a tryout. Elite 100 camps give athlete's the opportunity to be instructed by college coaches and improve their skill sets.  

Is Elite 100 NCAA Compliant?

Like institutional camps held on an NCAA institution's campus, this non-institutional event is open to any and all participants and is only restricted by age, grade or enrollment numbers. No registrant of the camp will receive free or reduced camp tuition.

What is your refund policy?

The registration process will consider 25% of the camp tuition and associated convenience fees non refundable once completed.  75% of the camp tuition will be refunded if requested one month prior to the original date of the event.  (Example – December 1st event date will have a refund deadline of November 1st).
Once the refund deadline has passed, you will be entitled to a credit for another event that is held in your area on a different date. To request a refund, please use the "Contact us" link which can be found on the “ID Showcase Details” section of the website. For calculation purposes, the original date of the camp is used when applying the refund policy.
Associated parties to the event such as coaches, facilities, and others will not have any discretion on the refund policy or any necessary insurance claims.  We ask that you do not attempt to contact them regarding refund issues or similar requests.  
While we have written confirmation from all coaches who are supposed to be in attendance please note that the absence of a particular coach is not grounds for requesting a refund.  Coaches may have many last-minute circumstances beyond our control that adjust their presence at an event.
Our priority is to hold the event in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.  In the case that weather, or any other uncontrollable event, should adjust the schedule of events we will update all participants via email and on the website of adjusted dates and times.  If weather issues arise during the event, you will be alerted, using the information you provided during registration, and should return to pick up athlete’s as needed.  Any rescheduled sessions will be posted on the website and also through email. 
Please note that refunds will not be available for inclement weather. If possible, we will delay the camp and wait for the weather to pass. However, if inclement weather forces the camp to cancel:
-If 50% or more of the camp is completed prior to inclement weather cancellation occurring then the camp will be considered completed without a refund.
-Anything less than 50% of the camp, we will work with the local host to set a new date and your registration will be carried over as a credit to the corresponding make-up date.