Best Practices when Contacting College Coaches

College Coaches get hundreds of emails per week from high school athletes. There are many do's and don'ts when writing emails and we are here to help you.

1. Personalize it 

Don't start the email off with "Coach,"

Make it personal..... "Coach Smith,"  Show you took the time to personalize the email

Don't say, "I am very interested in your program."

Instead, make it personal: "I am very interested in [insert school name]." It is quite evident when you players are sending the same exact email to many different coaches.

2. Make it simple, yet informative 

Your email should include: your name, graduation year, GPA, test scores, club soccer team, position, and a link to highlights (if you have them)

If you are inviting them to a showcase or game then you need to provide the date, time, field location and field #. In addition, you need to provide jersey number as well. 

Don't make them have to hunt for information about you. Provide it all in the email. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to come watch.

3. Proof Read it before sending..... and then proof read it again

Consider this email like a resume/CV. You would never show up to a job interview with a resume that is full of grammatical errors and missing information. So make sure you proof your emails before sending them out. 

3. Show you did your research about the school

This could be soccer related or academic related. For example, "Congratulations on the win last night. I watched the game online. They played really well."

One that really stands out is if you discuss the academic program... Do you research about what majors the university offers. "I am very interested in the nursing program at [insert university name]" 





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